Mellerstain House & Gardens

Suggested Suppliers


The West Lodge, Courtyard & Clockhouse Cottage, Mellerstain, Gordon, TD3 6LG

Cheviot & Eildon Bridal Suites, Mellerstain, Gordon, TD3 6LG

Gordon Old School B & B, Gordon, TD3 6LS, T: 01573 410582

Fauhope House, Gattonside, Melrose, TD6 9LU, T: 01896 823184

Junction House, Kelso, T: 01890 820359 or Charlie & Rachel on 01573 460225

Burnbrae Holidays, Nenthorn, Kelso, TD5 7RY T: 01573 225570


The Orde Food Company, The Stables, Pinacclehill, Sprouston Road, Kelso, Roxburghshire

E:  T:  01573 229150

Rosie’s Catering, 6 Cranston Crescent, Thirlstane Grange, Lauder, Berwickshire, TD2 6UB

E:   T:  01578 722 769

Meldon Catering,  Midlothian Innovation Centre,Pentlandfield, Roslin, Midlothian,EH25 9RE

E:   T: 0131 445 7911/ 07967 187885

Luca at The Cross Keys Hotel, The Square, Kelso, Roxburghshire, TD5 7HL

E:  T:01573 223303


Jennifer Borthwick E:  T: 0754 8283223  E:   T: 07912 200365

Rosemary Hume   T:  01361 810 321

Hair & Makeup

Fiona Ann Beauty, St Boswells

E:   T: 07983 214009

Kelly, Wilsons Hair Studio, Melrose T: 01896 822734

Hazel, Artformers, Peebles T: 01721 729429


Marquee Hire

Best Intent, Fauhope, Gattonside, TD6 9LU

E:   T:  0800 448 8949 (FREE PHONE)


Jane Norman

E:    T:   01896 823114


We respectfully request that permission is obtained from The Mellerstain Trust for use of caterers and suppliers not included within the above list of useful contacts.

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