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Natural Burials – Hundy Mundy Wood

The gentle incline to Hundy Mundy Wood gives rise to expansive vistas across the surrounding tranquil farmland. The smooth domes of the Cheviots and the distinctive sudden emergence of the Eildons from the softer landscape are all clearly visible. The rolling vales of this idyllic corner of Scotland, with the golden yellows of cereals or the warm tones of newly ploughed fields, stretching away all around. This is truly a peaceful retreat from the world.

Mellerstain Estate, through the services of Leedham Natural Heritage, is delighted to offer Hundy Mundy Wood as a natural burial ground. There are now more than 200 such places in the UK, where you can choose to be laid to rest or have your ashes scattered, in an alternative to more conventional funeral services.

When you purchase a plot at Hundy Mundy, you buy a ‘right of burial’ which lasts for 50 years. This makes it possible for you to reserve a space for the future.

Funeral Arrangements

You are free to decide the form of ceremony and how much or how little of the practical arrangements to be involved with. Given the nature of the location, it is not possible for large numbers of people to attend the burial ceremony itself, but you can arrange to hold a remembrance service elsewhere and hold a more intimate ceremony at Hundy Mundy.

Whether the Scottish Borders holds particular personal significance, or whether you simply wish to be interred in beautiful natural surroundings, Hundy Mundy will make a very peaceful final resting place.

Leedham Natural Heritage

Leedham Natural Heritage is a member of the Institute of Cemetry and Crematorium Management, which helps guide sites’ owners like Mellerstain and those wishing to use them. Together with Mellerstain Estate they will ensure that the woodland at Hundy Mundy is managed so that it is self-sustaining, with the mature wood being improved with under-planting to encourage a healthy, stable woodland for generations to come.

For all enquiries please contact Leedham Natural Heritage.

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